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Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® course is the next step up from the CSM on the Path to CSP certification ladder. Earning your A-CSM® will set you apart in the marketplace as a skilled, experienced Scrum Master who knows how to be effective. You will leave knowing such advanced topics as Agile Facilitation, Coaching, Scaling Agile, and how to serve your Dev Teams, Product Owners, and Organizations.

This class is not a beginners class. We don't spend time on the basics of Scrum. Come prepared to roll up your sleves and get to work. While there is plenty of instruction, there is also exercises and roll playing that will give you the practical experience needed to master the advanced skills discussed in the class.

This class also offers the perfect mix of self-paced study with live, in-person training. You will receive two 2-hour sessions with your classmates and trainer - one to kick off the class and another at the end. These live sessions bookend the material. You are then free to complete the remainder of the materials on your own scheudle in a self-paced style. The two 2-hour sessions are the only live class time required to achieve your A-CSM® certification.

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All students must have completed your Certified ScrumMaster® course priore to taking the class.

Students must also display to the Scrum Alliance that you have 1-year of experience as a Scrum Master. This does NOT have to be completed prior to taking the class though. You can complete the class portion of this certification while you are still working towards your 1-year of experience as a Scrum Master. If you have your CSM® and have entered your 1-year of experience as a Scrum Master in your dashboard on the Scrum Alliance website, you only need to complete the course to achieve your certification.

There is no test required to achieve your A-CSM® certification.

Course Staff

Brian Milner, CST

Brian Milner, CST

Brian Milner is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance. This certification is one of the most difficult to achieve in the Scrum world as there are less than 250 CSTs in the entire world. Brian has more than 20 years experience in Software Development. He began his career as a developer and eventually progressed into management. For the past 10 years, he has been focused on helping organizations transition from Waterfall to Agile successfully. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences having spoken last year at Scrum Gathering Austin, Scrum Gathering Vienna, Agile Camp Dallas, and Keep Austin Agile. This year he was scheduled to speak again at Scrum Gathering NYC until the event was cancelled. Brian spent 12 years working in New York City before moving to his current home in Dallas, TX where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are only given when the first day of the course is over 30 days away. Inside 30 days there is a no cancellation policy without forfeit of the class funds.

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